Before You Start YouTube Channel You Should Know Basics
29 Sep

Before You Start YouTube Channel You Should Know Basics?

1. Analytics

Digging into the analytics can really benefit your channel.

It takes a lot of time to make videos so it makes sense to see how they all perform.

With Youtube Analytics you get lots of features that you can filter through and use to optimize your videos further.

Some important metrics YouTube lets you analyze are Views, Subscribers, Playback Locations, Annotations, Traffic Sources, Retention and much more.

Make sure you are using these statistics to improve the quality of your channel over time.

You probably do already but watch other YouTubers in your niche. You can find out what’s trending, get ideas and get inspiration. Being a good YouTuber usually involves being an active part of the community.

3. Understand Your Audience

To make the best videos, you have to know your audience so you can communicate to them successfully.

Having the right information will help you build common ground with you and your viewers.

Knowing things like age, gender, education, or religion might be important factors depending on what message you’re trying to get across.

4. Block The Haters

When dealing with bad people you just have to remember they are not real comments.

People are just trying to get a reaction from you.

There’s not much you can do except grow thick skin and ignore them. You can also handle them like comedians handle hecklers, plus it’s funny!

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