How To Setup Free Domain On Blogger 100% Free
25 Sep

How To Setup Free Domain On Blogger 100% Free Domain

Have you started a blog recently and if you are looking for a free domain or how to install a domain then this post is for you. Having a domain on your website gives a perfection and it can increase ranking in search engine.

So today in this post i will share a trick with you that is how to setup free domain on your blogger. It is 100% free.

How to register free (.tk, .ml, .cf, .gq) domain on your blogger:-
We will try to give you best possible and easy way to install a free domain on your blogger. First we will discuss how to get the domain afterwards we will come on installing it. Just follow the below steps for register your free domain for 1 year free of cost.

1. Go to website and signup for an account with your email id and password.

2. Check for availability of your domain by entering keywords and if in case it is available then click on get it now.

3. After checking out select the time period for 12 months.

4. Go to > Services > My Domain

5. Open a new tab and go to your Blogger Dashboard settings and enter your domain with WWW

6. After this you will get the message like this.

7. Copy the code below the name and target code and paste it in your free-nom domain one by one, after completing this you will a option view site instructions below. You can see the above picture as an example. click on view site instructions.

8. Scroll down and you will see some code.

9. Paste this code one by one in your free-nom account.

Just make sure you have pasted all the code like mentioned above in the picture after that you have to wait for 2-4 minutes and you will able to register your free-nom domain on your blogger account.

If you found this trick useful then share the trick with your tech friends and if you have any issue or suggestion then please write it down in comment section.we will appreciate your step and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

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