How To Upload Video On YouTube
05 Oct

How To Upload Video On YouTube.?

1. Research Your Keywords

Having good keywords can multiply your views dramatically. That’s why it’s important to do some research before every video.

To find popular words, use YouTube’s autocomplete feature in the search bar.

Start typing the topic of your video and see what words or phrases YouTube automatically suggests.

When making your tags, put the best ones first and use lots of them.

YouTube gives more weight to the first tags.

Other good tools to find keywords are Ubersuggest, Google Trends and Google Adwords.

2. Transcript

Upload the transcript from every video to YouTube.

This makes your video more discoverable. Google will index every word to help people who are searching the web.

3. Thumbnails

A good channel requires consistent branding.

Your thumbnails should have a consistent look so your viewers can instantly tell which videos are yours.

Then, in the suggested videos sidebar, they can binge watch your content.

4. Bookmarking Sites

Share your video across social bookmarking sites like Delicious and Stumbleupon. Also use social media engines like OnlyWire.

Also, you should manually build custom links for your videos using tools like Bitly. These links you can then share across other platforms.

A good video description will help the algorithm understand your content better.

Why is that relevant?

Because the title and some tags aren’t much for YouTube to work with. That’s why a good description is more important than you think.

Make a detailed description with some keywords so your video will be more relevant in search.

You should also take advantage of the description space and put any links you want your audience to click.

6. File Name Keywords!

When you save your video, name the file something with keywords. DON’T name it “Video1” or something along those lines.

When you upload the file you’re giving YouTube a few extra keywords to index. Saving the video name with special words will help you that much more in the search rankings.

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