How you can get more Subscribers in YouTube
28 Jul

How you can get more Subscribers in YouTube?

1.Post More Videos

  • Upload as often as you can and be consistent.
  • One video per month will not make you successful.
  • You should post at least once a week. But if you can upload quality content more often, you should do that.
  • Casey Neistat is one of my favourite YouTubers.
  • His first 5 years he gained 500,000 subscribers. But when he started uploading daily vlogs, he got 500,000 more subs in 5 months.
  • Casey said, “If you wanna succeed here, you’ve gotta show up for work. Every. Single. Day.”
  • At the time of this writing he sits at 4 million subs and averages 11,000 new subs every day!

2.Use Other Platforms

  • Post your videos on Facebook natively. Upload to your blog. Post videos on Twitter and post everywhere you can get eyeballs.
  • Growing a strong YouTube audience is easier when you use other platforms as well.

3.Featured Channels

  • Strategically partner with other channels to grow your subscribers.
  • On your homepage you can add “Featured Channels” of other YouTubers you like and recommend.
  • If you get similar channels to feature you, you’ll start to get new viewers very quickly!


  • If you have some momentum and at least a few thousand subscribers, chances are that another YouTuber will be happy to collaborate with you.
  • Find channels with a similar audience and similar size.
  • Then, send your followers to that page by doing a shoutout or incorporating them into your video. The other channel will do the same for you.

5.Channel Trailer

  • Introduce yourself to new viewers by creating a channel trailer.
  • The video will autoplay when a non-subscriber visits the homepage of your channel.
  • It’s an opportunity to get people interested in your content and watch more videos.
  • Make a captivating video that describes what you’re all about.

6.Trending Videos

  • If something big is happening that your audience cares about, make a video related to it.
  • Capitalize on something that’s popular in your area, on the news, or just trending everywhere.
  • For example, hundreds of YouTubers made Pokémon GO videos when the game came out and took the world by storm.
  • Google Trends will help you find big keywords and show you what’s popular in different areas.

7.Evergreen Content

  • What’s trending now will eventually fade away. Evergreen content will be relevant for years.
  • Creating content that is timeless and stays “fresh” for viewers is a goal every YouTuber should have.
  • A lot of timeless content will create too much momentum to fail.

8.Appreciate Your Viewers

  • Thank your subscribers often because it can’t be said enough!
  • Also, consider doing giveaways when you reach your goals or milestones.
  • Even a thank you video can go a long way.

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