How You Can Get More Views On YouTube Video
28 Jul

How You Can Get More Views On YouTube Video?

1.Video Title

Convincing people to click your video will play an important role in getting the most views.

Here are some tips for your video titles:

  • Make it less than 50 characters long
  • Put in some keywords
  • Use Google Adwords to find keywords
  • Make it catchy or evoke curiosity

2.Leverage Social Media

  • When you get good at using other social networks, it’s very effective for your channels growth.
  • First, leverage the followers you already have by asking them to subscribe or watch your videos.
  • Second, you should post content on other social media for the sole purpose to promote your channel and its videos.
  • Make a page on Instagram for your YouTube channel and post short clips from your videos (or Twitter, or something else).
  • Every platform is very different for growing followers so always be learning. And make sure you are still providing value in everything you upload.

3.Bookmarking Sites

  • Use bookmarking sites like Delicious and Stumbleupon to get a bigger reach.
  • You can use tools like Bitly to create short custom links. You can post these links anywhere and share them across the different platforms.

4.Leave Comments

  • When you’re starting out, every single subscriber counts so much.
  • Be part of the YouTube community and leave comments on videos.
  • Leave comments that will get lots of likes and replies. Ask good questions, leave positive thoughts, and spread the love.
  • Be genuine because people will see your spam if you’re only there to self-promote.
  • When you comment on lots of videos, your views and subscribers will grow organically


  • Categorize your videos into playlists.
  • It promotes binge watching and makes it easier for you to get views at the same time.

6.Upload 10 Videos

  • Don’t promote a channel with 0 or 2 videos.
  • Before you start promoting your channel, make sure you have about 10 god videos already uploaded.
  • A new comer is much more likely to subscribe if you have a bunch of content.
  • It’s proof that you upload regularly and visitors can watch a bunch of videos and hopefully subscribe if they like you.

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