7 Tips for Gaming YouTube Channels
30 Jul

7 Tips for Gaming YouTube Channels 2020?

We all love game (who doesn’t?) but when making a gaming channel you have to learn how to consistently entertain viewers and build an audience. Are you contemplating entering the community that is YouTube Gaming? Or does your channel already enjoy mild popularity?

Regardless, it pays to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to this large community.

This post talks about ways to gain more followers and get your gamming channel to secure unprecedented success.

Here we go :-

1. What Kind of Gamer Are You

  • Find out what kind of videos you will make.
  • What is your tone do you want a comedic style or to tell stories?
  • What is your style will you do commentary, reviews, parodies, tutorials or something else?
  • As you start uploding more and more, focus on making your own style and becoming unique.
  • Choose your category first, Even is your category is general at the start, you can norrow it down as you make videos and develop your own unique style.

2. Conistency is Everything

  • This applies to anyone who is starting a YouTube channel.
  • Not posting regular content can easily disconnect your viewers with the channel.
  • You should work towards uploading as much content as possible but still maintain a balance between quantity and quality.
  • If you can make 1 quality video per week or 15, you should put content out as much as possible, consistently.
  • Considering the competition on YouTube is growing every day, content at scale is paramount.
  • With today’s competition on YouTube, subscribers will ditch you for someone else if you don’t regularly connect with them.
  • Upload as much as possible.

3. Collaborate

  • This is a famous trend especially on the YouTube platform. And, it’s not confined to the gaming community only.
  • Almost all YouTubers collaborate with one another. This is a tried and tested trick that has worked wonders in terms of attracting more viewers and gaining subscribers.
  • You get to pool in the audiences of other well-established YouTubers and that works to your channel’s advantage.
  • People find collaborations interesting and they always crave more of such videos.

4. Learn SEO

  • If you want to grow on YouTube today, all the fundamentals are so important to learn.
  • SEO isn’t very difficult but you can’t be lazy and ignore it with the amount of competition on YouTube today.
  • SEO is the language of search engines.
  • It’s through the SEO that YouTube can recognize you, your existence and your online activities.
  • The more quality your optimization strategy reflects, the higher your videos will appear for searches and queries.
  • Incorporate relevant tags and keywords in your video titles as well as their descriptions.
  • All the vital information such as the type of content and the game, include those in the tags. People use these to search for content.
  • YouTube also indexes your video title, description and transcript which all play a role in getting your channel discovered.
  • Optimizing your videos with SEO is like casting a bigger net to reel in more viewers and subscribers.

5. Engage With Viewers

  • Engaging with people will keep them coming back for more.
  • Respond to your viewer’s comments. Listen to their feedback and what they are saying.
  • YouTube is a platform that’s all about earning loyalty. If your fans try to contact you, respond them across all channels.

6. Focus on Presentation; Not Just Games

  • It may seem like people are coming only for the gaming related information on your channel.
  • But, eventually it goes well beyond just games.
  • People are coming to interact with you. It may start with the gaming, but eventually they are coming for you.
  • Don’t make the mistake of focusing solely on games. Add your own personality and be yourself to keep people interested.

7. Work On An Individual Appeal

  • This is an extension of the previous point.
  • Every YouTuber has a unique personality and a different style of presentation.
  • Eventually, people will come for the way you deliver content and the way you present things.
  • Check out poplar trending gaming videos and see what it is that the most popular YouTubers have in common.
  • What are those unique traits which set them apart; that viewers find interesting? Then work out ways in which you can build your own individual appeal.

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